Take a Deep Breath, and feel your anxiety & stress drift away, melting into your surroundings and leaving your body.


The Anti-Anxiety Intention Jar is full of calming herbs & amehyst crystal for soothing & medatative energy. This Spell jar has been infused with powerful crystal grid intention & comes with a lavender essential oil topical or smelling jar alongside it. This jar is perfect for on the go relief of anxiety and stressors throughout the day. The lavender essential oil is paired with grapeseed for the carrier oil.


Limited Av

Anti-Anxiety IntentionJar


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    Moon Power's mission is to create unique handmade custom jewelry and accessories that elevate your energy. These innovative pieces of art & natural materials are made into jewelry/wearable art/homedecor that bring beauty and opportunity to a diverse background of people.


    Moon Power receives great joy from and hopes to inspire and nurture the human spirit through art.







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