These Enchanting Jasmine candles are a limited fall ed.

We do know that inhaling jasmine or using it in aromatherapy massage improves mood and has been reported to increase romantic and positive feelings, as well as energy levels. 

 Jasmine is a warm, sweet and utterly floral scent. Enticing & intimate, calming your flow. This romantic & relaxing all natural soy candle burns at a low temperature. Using only natural cotton or hemp wick, for a clean and steady burn. A nightly ritual & daily pleasure indeed... ✨

Let this aromatherapy candle elevate your mood and ignite that fire within...

This 100% natural Soy candle is the perfect combo of mood elevating jasmine.

The wax is additive free and skin safe. These are Slow burning and a low temperature soy wax with a cotton or hemp wick.