Pink Agate is calming and soothing, imparting strength, courage and self confidence. It is said to be a grounding stone that brings balance emotionally, physically and intellectually; harmonizing the Yin and Yang. Pink Agate is also credited for enhancing mental function and improving concentration, perception and analytical abilities as well as helping one to overcome negativity and bitterness of the heart.


In addition, Pink Agate is associated with parental love and is said to be beneficial in strengthening the bond between parent and child.


One way to work with any variety of Agate is through meditation. During your meditation session, set aside 20 minutes to connect with the Agate stone, which can be held in each hand as you focus on a gentle and steady breathing rhythm. Breathe deeply during your Agate meditation and you'll be able to deepen your access to its harmonizing energy. Ask the Agate stone to help you during your process of change, instability or stress by giving you support and stability to stay centered through it all. Feminine energy and the connection to Mother Earth runs deep in Agate and it’s lower grounding vibrations. Boost balance and centeredness by aligning with Agates energy helping you to slow down, and travel through life with more grace and ease. Perfect pair for new mothers and grandmothers.


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