For the Hippie Toker, A great gift set for yourself or for a friend. 


Intro to smokable herbs in a box; Choose from Mother Moons Midnight Kisses or Wake Up And Slay The Day Blends, organic hemp papers for your rolling pleasure, fun and funky custom moon power matches and a set of three lavender tea lights to light up an ment away your stress and worries...


This Sunny Slay the Day Herbal blend is all certified organic and kosher. A lil morning ritual to get you grounded and calm the nerves to make the most of your day, in your own way! Herbal Blend: Wood Betony, Lavender, Chamomile, Hibiscus, Red Raspberry Leaf. (1 tsp. Of herb to 6 oz of almost boiling water)


Mother Moons Midnight Kisses Lullaby yourself to sleep with this magical blend of All Organic and All Kosher herbs. No matter whether drinking it in a cup of herbal tea or smoking it in a joint or bowl. Enjoy the ease and calm that floats over you as this sleepy time blend lulls your mind body and spirit to sleep. Organic and kosher herbs: Lavender - France Chamomile - Egypt Mugwort - Albania St. John’s Wort - Croatia Wood Betony - Croatia For tea: 1-2 teaspoons in a 6oz cup of almost boiling water steep for 5 min. To smoke: roll it up, bowl it up or vape it up! Moon ritual use: A wonderful way to honor and celebrate the full moon and new moon. 


Bottle is 2.5 oz Smokable and drinkable herbal blend For tea, so either way you use it your going to love the effects


limited quality available while supplies last

For The Hippie Toker

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