Mother Moons Midnight Kisses

Lullaby yourself to sleep with this magical blend of All Organic and All Kosher herbs. No matter whether drinking it in a cup of herbal tea or smoking it in a joint or bowl. 

Enjoy the ease and calm that floats over you as this sleepy time blend lulls your mind body and spirit to sleep.

Organic and kosher herbs:
Lavender - France 
Chamomile - Egypt 
Mugwort - Albania
St. John’s Wort - Croatia 
Wood Betony - Croatia 

For tea: 1-2 teaspoons in a 6oz cup of almost boiling water steep for 5 min.

To smoke: roll it up, bowl it up or vape it up!

Moon ritual use: A wonderful way to honor and celebrate the full moon and new moon.

Bottle is 2.5 oz

Mother Moons Midnight Kisses