Mugwort is considered a magical pant, sacred in many cultures around the world, and a mild psychoactive herb. It promotes the feeling of euphoria and has a sedative effect.

It was said to be ingested under the full moon to honor Artemis, goddess of the moon.
Used throughout history to regulate periods, alleviate cramps and long used for its magical potency to induce vivid dreams, astral projection and divinations of the future.

Smoke with other herbs for a mild calming effect.

Drink in herbal tea form by adding one teaspoon to 6-8 oz of hot water.

Do not take if pregnant or trying to become pregnant.

Enjoy your new earth ritual !

Organic and kosher certified 

Small - approx 7-8 cups of tea
Medium - approx 24

Organic Mugwort Loose Leaf Tea