Living for this combo of Lavender & grape seed oil. Roll on your wrists and inhale deeply a few times for an immediate relief of anxiety, stress & tension. Easy to grab and go & great for easing the tension and pain in your wrists and joints as well. enjoy the most calming soothing scent for a floral glow.((Great for mosquito bites and minor burns tooo!)) ~literally an essential in my purse these days, it has sooo many great natural benefits!Grape seed oil is a harmonizing skin care oil full of its own added benefits! It is a light and absorbent oil that is extracted from the seeds of wine grapes and supports skins compounds; including oleic, Linoleic, palmitic & stearic fatty acids. In turn, it is very harmonizing, softening, nourishing & protecting. 100% pure botanical ingredients includes vitamin ENo synthetic ingredients & paraben & petroleum freee!

Relax to the Max